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“Oh, like pop and lock?”

That’s what people usually ask when Quincy Ellison tells them he’s a b-boy. They picture a guy in a monochromatic tracksuit throwing down a piece of cardboard and spinning on his head. The sort of thing you’d see in a classic hip-hop music video.

When Ellison first discovered breaking, that’s what he saw too. (Specifically, the music video for “It’s Like That” by Run-D.M.C. vs. Jason Nevins.) But he and his crewmates and students represent the different ages, backgrounds and movements that make breaking what it is today. “Breakdancing” is what the media called it when it caught on with 1980s pop culture, but there’s a lot more to it than that...
Pictured: Devin O. Fletcher
Photo: Eric England
Breakdance in Tennessee has - believe it or not - an over 20 year old history! While we are not going to argue who was the first to break (and they may have long retired at this point),
Breakdance is not only good for kids, adults can do it, too! Yes, it is a challeging dance style, but...
Breakdance in Tennessee
Construct is also one of the main practice spots for Tennessee's only Nashville based breakdance crew Illville Crew, founded in 2003.
The largest breakdance community practice in Tennessee is held Wednesdays at Construct. With over 20 dancers, some new to the style and taking advantage of the free intro class and the knowledge shared by everyone present, some veterans with over a decade of dance experience under their belts, this is our largest community session of the week.
You can book a breakdance performance with us! From night time shows to kids' birthdays, we have a crew of bboys and bgirls that will bring truly dynamic entertainment to your event!
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