There are two main people running the every day operations at Construct:

Miriam is a statistician/data scientist by day and dancer/DJ by night. With a background in jazz saxophone, she has been involved in the arts for 24 years. She started dancing 10 years ago, which was also right around the time she developed the vision of running a venue/arts space bringing many different forms and directions of art together. Growing up in Berlin in the 90s, street and urban art have a special place in her heart.

Quincy has been dancing for 15 years, starting out with breakdance and getting into house dance 7/8 years ago. He has won numerous breakdance competitions in the SE United States such as ... Together with his friend ..., he founded 'Bashville Stampede', the largest Bboy jam in the Midsouth, now going into its 12th year. He is also the founder and owner/operator at 615 House of Dance, which offers breakdance classes for kids at Construct (click the link below for more information).

As a community based dance studio, we have different, independent teachers at Construct:

The 615 House of Dance is Q's dance school, where he teaches breakdance to kids.

Getfone Vongkhacham teaches Contemporary Movement on Tuesdays. She is also affiliated with Nashville's Found Movement group.

Heather and Meagan are the owners of Magnificent Light Entertainment, a company that provides performances involving fire.