Breakdance in Tennessee

Breakdance in Tennessee has - believe it or not - an over 20 year old history! While we are not going to argue who was the first to break (and they may have long retired at this point), we will add some information on Tennessee's breakdance history over time.

The largest breakdance community practice in Tennessee is held Wednesdays at Construct. With over 20 dancers, some new to the style and taking advantage of the free intro class and the knowledge shared by everyone present, some veterans with over a decade of dance experience under the belts, this is our largest community session of the week. Another community practice, also on Wednesdays, is held at Rocketown.

The focus on breakdance (also called 'bboying' or 'breaking' by the ones who practice it) is no surprise: Both Miriam and Q (check the 'Friends of Construct' page) have been practicing breakdance for many years.

Last but not least we would like to mention Tennessee's only, Nashville based breakdance crew Illville Crew, going strong since 2003.